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Wearable technology refers to any smart device that can be worn, implanted, or tattooed on the user’s body. Common examples include smart watches, fitness trackers, and body mounted sensors. This technology is also commonly used in the medical industry and can be extremely useful for patients with certain conditions. This technology is patentable.

The registered patent attorneys at The Plus IP Firm have as years of experience with this type of software technology. For example, the registered patent attorneys assisted a client in obtaining a utility patent for wearable tech that reduces interfering signals arising from a patient’s body. This invention assists medical facilities when tracking signals accurately. US10763588B2 – Patient tracking system for monitoring patient data.

Wearable technology can be highly lucrative. If you have invented, or are in the process of inventing, a type of wearable technology it is important to seek advice from an experienced registered patent attorney to determine how and if your technology may be protected and potentially monetized with patents. Contact the registered patent attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your wearable technology application and how we can help protect your intellectual property.

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