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A container is an organizational piece of software used to keep applications running smoothly.

In the early 21st century, the rise of distributed systems and digital currency has impacted the use of software containers. These containers are now even more prevalent in executing blockchain technology.

Because software containers are still new and found to be extremely useful to software deployment, programmers with this skillset are in high demand. This demand creates a highly lucrative career. Developing new and unique systems may be very difficult; but at the same time may be very rewarding. For example, software patents for types of blockchain technologies are being highly sought after because of the level of difficulty. This opens the door for container patent technology.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office believes that software containers are considered patentable subject matter in certain cases. The United States Patent Office issues many utility patents every week for blockchain and container related technology. For example, this container-based software patent issued to International Business Machines Corp. (

The registered patent attorneys at The Plus IP Firm have valuable experience writing and prosecuting software patents. For example, the registered patent attorneys at The Plus IP Firm acquired the following blockchain-based software patent for one of its clients: (US10896436B1 – Systems and methods for providing authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation to advertising technology). 

The registered patent attorneys at The Plus IP Firm have worked with many software developers obtaining patents in areas such as UI applications, mobile applications, machine learning, ad-tech, wearable technology, software as a medical device, and many others.

Developing container applications may take significant resources to develop. It is critical to seek advice from a patent attorney who has experience in software related technologies to help you protect the inventive aspects of the software you developed. Contact the registered patent attorneys at The Plus IP Firm for a free consultation to discuss your container technology and how we can help protect your intellectual property. 

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