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Mobile applications, also known as apps, are used by millions if not billions of people every day across the globe. By definition, a mobile app is a computer program or application designed to be available across any mobile or remote devices. Mobile devices include smartphones, smart watches, tablets, laptops, etc.

Today, consumers have created a need for this software in almost every aspect of life. Mobile apps facilitate a wide variety of activities, whether it be professional, personal, or social. Even more so, schools use mobile applications daily. There is a clear demand for this technology, forming a highly profitable and competitive market for such.

The United States Patent Office views mobile applications as software, therefore mobile apps may be patentable. Mobile app developers need to protect their ideas before it is too late as United States patent laws prevent an inventor from obtaining a patent on an invention if the inventor has publicly disclosed the invention for more than one year. The patent attorneys at The Plus IP Firm can help you acquire a patent on your mobile application. For example, the link below is where you can view a patent on a mobile app that one of the registered patent attorneys at The Plus IP Firm obtained for one of its clients:

Contact the registered patent attorneys at The Plus IP Firm a free consultation to discuss your mobile application and how it may be protected by a patent or another form of intellectual property.

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