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Innovation + IP = Profit


Do you have an idea or invention that you want to take to market but aren’t sure where to begin? The patent process can be an intimidating venture. You may be worried about putting your idea out there, and you might not have the access to manufacturing, packing, or marketing resources that you need to get things started.

The good news is that with the right intellectual property protections, you can patent your idea and pitch it to companies who do have the resources to manufacture and market your innovation. This also gives you the ability to legally protect your branding and ideas from potential idea thieves.

At Plus IP, we’re committed to turning your ideas into reality. Our team’s experience expands beyond an expertise in Intellectual Property law to include a strong engineering background. We have years of professional experience creating and patenting our own inventions and partnering with companies to distribute and market our products.

Our unique expertise allows us to not only legally protect your products and ideas, but also provide expert advice on idea development, product pitching and selling your product to consumers in the market.

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