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Software as a medical device has defined as “any software that is intended to be used for one or more medical purposes that perform these purposes without being part of a hardware medical device” (International Medical Device Regulators Forum). Software used in medical devices need to be highly accurate and reliable. Developing and perfecting this type of software takes a considerable amount of time and money to prevent vital errors. Like wearable technology, this type of software may be protected and monetized with patents.

A common example of software being used as a medical device is software that provides parameters to hardware controlling the flow of medication to a patient. Delivering the correct dose of a medication is especially important to keep a patient safe and healthy. An example of software used as a medical device is US9833292B2 Robotic system and method for spinal and other surgeries, which is device created to assist surgeons in complex operations such as spinal fusion.

If you have invented software as a medical device, you should seek advice from an experienced patent attorney on how to protect your intellectual property. The registered patent attorneys at The Plus IP Firm have many years of experience in the field of medical device software. Contact the registered patent attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your software as a medical device application and how we can help protect and monetize your intellectual property.

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