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In layman’s terms blockchain technology is a way of recording data and distributing that data across a multitude of computer systems making it difficult or impossible to hack into, change, or delete. A popular use of this technology is the record keeping system tracking cryptocurrency transactions.

In recent years, digital currency has become very popular with consumers. The demand for digital currencies has led to widespread use of software containers in aiding blockchain technologies.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office recognizes blockchain technology to be patentable material. This recognition grants utility patents every day to blockchain software developers.

The licensed patent attorneys at The Plus IP Firm have valuable experience with blockchain technology. For example, the licensed patent attorneys at The Plus IP Firm obtained the following patent for the blockchain related technology: (US10896436B1 – Systems and methods for providing authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation to advertising technology).

Because the software industry is very competitive, many developers want their inventions protected. Software development may be very time consuming and costly. Contact the patent attorneys at The Plus IP Firm for a free consultation to discuss your blockchain related technology and how we can help protect your intellectual property.

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