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Palm Beach Gardens Trademark Lawyer

Protecting your brand and image is an extremely important part of your business. One of the ways that businesses can do this is by applying for a trademark or service mark. These would be the two letter small marks that come after your name, logo, or design. Take a look at one of the features that GoDaddy has named “Website Builder.” This is a unique platform that they offer and the company wanted to protect the use of this name. After they applied for their trademark with The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) they started using the TM symbol to put others on notice that they have a trademark on this particular name, GoDaddy Website BuilderTM.

There are several methods and ways to apply for a trademark or service mark. It is imperative that you seek the guidance of a qualified intellectual property lawyer to help you determine the best way to apply for your mark in order to properly protect your brand. Failure to properly secure the mark could cause the USPTO to cancel your mark during the course of litigation. Intellectual property is a complex and diverse area of law. It is due to this complexity that our firm only practices in this single discipline.

Your business’s intangible assets are extremely valuable. We are here to help you secure all of the necessary resources you need to protect all of the goodwill and hard work that you have put into your company. If your business is in need of filing for a trademark or if another business is infringing on your current trademark, the board certified lawyers of The Plus IP Firm are here to help you. We are available for consultation at our Palm Beach Gardens office during normal business hours.

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