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Naples Patent Attorney

We have opened a branch of our office in downtown Naples to help individuals, inventors, and businesses with all of their Patent needs. Our Board Certified Intellectual Property Lawyers are well versed in all of the different types of Patents, applications, searches, and protection of your already established Patents.

The three most common types of Patents that we see on a day to day basis are; Utility Patents, Design Patents, and Plant Patents. A Utility Patent is the mostly commonly issued Patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In the past several years over 90% of all Patents issued by the USPTO were Utility Patent. They can be issued for the invention of a new and useful process, manufacture, composition of matter, and machine. When a Patent is issued it gives the owner the exclusive rights for a set period of time. The Utility Patent is valid for up to 20 years.

A Design Patent is valid for up to 14 years. However, there is a chance that this time period may be changed in the near future. This type of Patent is used to protect the owner for a new, original, and ornamental design that is embodied in an article of manufacture.

Our lawyers have also helped clients obtain a Plant Patent. The USPTO will issue this type of Patent for a new and distinct, invented or discovered asexually reproduced plant. This can include the following; mutants, hybrids, newly found seedlings, and cultivated sports. A Plant Patent is valid for up to twenty years and does not require the annual payment of maintenance fees.

If you or your business are in need of an experienced Naples Patent Lawyer call our office today. We are available for consultation by appointment during normal business hours.

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