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Copyright Lawyer Miami, Florida

Copyrights on an original work exists as soon as an original work is fixed to a tangible medium. An original work can be a written play, software code, a recorded song, a book, an article, or written music. However, the copyright must be put into a tangible medium. Even though an original work is considered to have copyrights once it is fixed to a tangible medium, a lawsuit based upon copyright infringement can only be brought if a work is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Copyright Law is based upon Federal statutes and the case law derived therefrom. A lawsuit based upon copyright law can only be brought and litigated in Federal Court. Copyright Law is a subset of intellectual property law and should be practiced by experienced and qualified Miami Copyright lawyers.

The attorneys of The Plus IP Firm focus exclusively on intellectual property law and are here to help you protect your intellectual property assets. We offer a free initial consultation. During an initial consultation, the attorneys at The Plus IP Firm will learn more about your business goals.

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