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Miguelito Tiangson is one of the legal assistants at The Plus IP Firm. Due to Miguelito’s extensive background, he assists in a variety of areas, including accounting, patent and trademark deadline docketing, and database management. He also supports colleagues by taking day-to-day tasks off their plates allowing them to focus on providing high-quality legal work to clients. Being a remote professional since 2014, Miguelito, or “Miggy” for short, has worked with various businesses and employers including musicians, web application developers, website builders, and affiliate marketing companies, where he managed social media accounts, developed websites and mobile applications.


Born and bred in the Philippines, Miggy has a deep love for travel, beaches, adventure, and different cultures. Considering himself a digital nomad, Miggy has traveled to different countries, as well as roamed cities within the Philippines. Miggy takes great joy in discovering new beach spots and hideouts while savoring good food and people. He is also a sports enthusiast and an avid Frisbee player, as he has competed in various tournaments across the country. Miggy, along with his fiancé, are animal lovers that consider themselves “parents” to their four adorable (albeit ginormous) dogs and one loving cat. Their fur-family makes their day-to-day lives extraordinary, with literally no dull moments!


Miggy believes that with hard work, perseverance, and commitment, anything can be achieved. He has proven this philosophy to be true by being living proof that despite all the difficulty and hardship he and his family endured in the past, his dedication brought him here, working for a prestigious law firm that he is proud to be part of. Miggy has become a valued member of this team, with his efforts being paramount to the inner workings of day-to-day life at the firm.

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