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Jason is a registered patent agent, inventor, and chemical engineer that loves helping small companies and independent inventors develop their ideas and turn them into patents. At the Plus IP Firm, Jason focuses on patent prosecution matters. Jason regularly meets with inventors to conduct prior art searches, draft patentability opinions, draft patent applications, and advise them on developing their intellectual property through patents. Jason’s experience in patent prosecution is broad and covers technical topics ranging from chemical inventions (e.g., materials science, medical, supplements), household product inventions, software, and more. Jason has a wealth of experience preparing and prosecuting patent applications in those technical areas within the United States and abroad.
Jason is a Colorado native and studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. As a student, Jason focused his studies on materials science and conducted research in the field. Shortly after graduating cum laude with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Jason began working as a research and development engineer at a small company in the Greater Denver Area. Through his experience as a research and development engineer, Jason was introduced to the patent drafting on the opposing side as an inventor. Shortly thereafter, Jason began his career in patent law as a patent agent at an international law firm.
Jason’s favorite part about working at the Plus IP Firm is that a core value of the Plus IP Firm is to provide quality legal work at a fair price, allowing him to help passionate independent inventors and small companies protect their ideas.

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