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Do I have to “use” a trademark before filing an application for trademark registration?


Given that my practice is focused on patent and trademark law, many people often ask me if a business must be selling products in order to file for registration or protection of a trademark. The short answer to that question…

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What is a Reasonable Investigation Under Rule 11 for a Patent Infringement Lawsuit?


Attorneys must be cautious before filing a patent infringement lawsuit.  Often times a client will allege that its patent is being infringed by a competitor.  However, an attorney has a duty to conduct an investigation to determine if this is…

Responding to Final Office Actions

DECISIONS, DECISIONS  – OPTIONS FOR RESPONDING TO A USPTO FINAL OFFICE ACTION When an applicant receives a “Final Office Action”, the applicant has several options for responding. Below is a brief explanation of each option. Option 1. File a Notice...